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Catering for a Private Event

Dinner Parties, Celebrations, Children's Parties, Funerals.

We really do love catering for individual events. The themes, tastes and requirements for each are so different, allowing us to utilise our vast imagination for menu design and event planning. Whatever the size of your event, we can combine your ideas with our wide ranging experience to create a package that perfectly suits what you have in mind.

Dinner Parties
Our dinner parties really do impress. Our sample menu gives an idea of the type of menus we can create. For your dinner party we meet with you to investigate your likes and dislikes (and any you may know your guests have), to discuss your intended menu plan and to get an impression of the style of party you would like to hold. We then use our imagination and experience to create your bespoke dinner party package which will include many of the favourite things you have described. Our dishes are carefully planned to bring out the maximum flavour of the ingredients used, combining interesting textures and colours to create impressive presentation and most importantly, taste.

We can provide our foods in two different ways. The Scrumptious team can cook a stunning meal in your home, taking away all of the stress that is normally involved with hosting an event like this for yourself and allowing you to spend enjoyable time with your guests. We clean and pack away all that we have used, leaving your kitchen wonderfully tidy. Another option is for us to deliver a complete dinner party package that allows you to enjoy the experience of cooking without the saga of supermarket shopping and seemingly endless preparations!  This is an incredibly popular choice with our clients for many reasons; it is a great opportunity to disguise an incredible menu as your own (although we will leave you with some of our business cards) and you are able to enjoy time to pamper and prepare for your evening and appear organised and serene with a tidy kitchen.


Canapés are where my passion for catering began! After leaving school, one of my first contracts was to provide canapés to a restaurant in Lincolns Bailgate each weekend. Now, quite a few years on, I find as much reward in making them with my team. We ensure our canapés are innovative, incorporate fantastic speciality ingredients and are presented with original style. As with all of our menus, our canapés are designed seasonally allowing us to have fun with the more exquisite seasonal produce.

Canapés make a sophisticated and impressive choice at cocktail parties, garden parties and special celebrations. We find they make a lovely alternative to a starter at a dinner party too. Having bite sized portions of an array of tastes promises to satisfy your guests! Your bespoke canapé menu can be as varied and extensive as you would like. We love for you to choose your individually priced canapés whilst supporting you with combining the right choices and deciding how many to offer.
We gain a lot of enjoyment from serving our canapés at your event.
Please refer to our 'Little Extras' section to discover how our team can be of help.

For celebrations such as birthday parties, anniversaries or a gathering of friends we can provide excellent food and impeccable service. We believe the food plays a big part in making your event special and memorable. We enjoy giving our clients as much flexibility as possible in planning their menu. We have an extensive range of yummy finger foods and fork buffet dishes which are designed for each season, aiming to utilise different ingredients when they are at their peak of quality and flavour. We encourage you to choose the dishes that most appeal to you to create your bespoke menu which will comply with the budget you have outlined. We are there to guide you through the dishes or advise on which dishes combine nicely together and if you would prefer us to, we can create a menu for you. Our foods can be planned and styled to suit a simplistic buffet for a relaxed occasion or an elaborate buffet for special occasions. We really do want this to be your bespoke special event.

All of our foods are presented on high quality, attractive ceramic platters. We put a lot of thought into our presentation, making the most of the colours of the food and demonstrating the fact that our foods really are homemade. We label the foods individually and can provide printed 'mini menus' too, it should all look impressive. We can provide additional crockery, cutlery, linen and glasses and if you need our staff to be available to help, we would be very happy to make arrangements.
Please refer to our 'Little Extras' section for further details.

Childrens Parties
Our exciting foods for children's parties offer traditional favourites and new ideas, some on the healthy side, some being birthday treats! We offer an extensive list of foods, using high quality, freshly prepared ingredients thoughout, all of the foods are homemade so the nutritional aspect of the party buffet is of a high standard. A personal selection of these foods can be chosen to create your bespoke menu. We find our clients appreciate this flexibility; for the parents, balancing the need for health and the want for treats can be achieved and a budget can be maintained; for the children, some involvement in the menu planning proves to be fun! We price all of the party foods individually allowing you to choose whether Scrumptious provides a complete buffet for you or a select range of party foods to take the pressure off!

We are always delighted to match the food to the party theme and have fun creating foods to suit this! We carefully plan the food to suit the age of the children at the party from toddlers to teenagers.

As an addition to providing the food, we can provide any themed disposable plates, tablecloths, cups & table decorations. We can create impressive party bags & have a very reliable contact for specialist birthday cakes.

We are sensitive that the catering we provide can contribute to making a difficult day more manageable. A buffet of finger foods is a very popular option; however we can create a menu that suits your needs. We would encourage you to refer to our sample finger buffet menus for more information.

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Catering For
Small Weddings

Canapés, Buffets & Breakfasts

Scrumptious prides itself on making fantastic, quality catering available to those planning a smaller wedding. We gain great enjoyment from contributing to your special day through the specialist catering we can offer. Our menus are bespoke, enabling us to tailor the menu to include plenty of favourites and most importantly to work as closely as we possibly can with the budget you have in mind.

Our delicious breakfasts are a fantastic and very popular way to start the big day. Organising a light, yet incredibly tasty assortment of foods probably isn't the first thing on your mind on the morning of the big day. We find delivering a wonderful array of foods in dainty sizes is very well received by the bride and her party of girls. This idea is often arranged as a surprise, always a lovely thought! The platters of seasonal fruits, pastries, cakes and plum bread completed with smoothies and bucks fizz are ready to serve and nibble on throughout the morning. Not wanting to forget the groom, best man and friends, we can provide a more hearty selection of Lincolnshire sausage muffins, smoked bacon in soft floured rolls and portobello mushrooms baked with free range eggs to name some of our ideas. To ensure the boys enjoy as much luxury as the girls, we can deliver the buffet to their own location and stay to cook the English breakfast items in house.

Our stunning range of canapés can be enjoyed with a glass of champagne on the eve of your wedding. On the big day they impress peckish guests whilst any photographs are being taken or provide an unusual alternative to an evening buffet. We have a seasonal menu for our beautifully presented canapés which incorporates the most special ingredients available at each time of the year. See our sample Canapés Menu

As our buffets are designed to be innovative and of a distinctly high quality, we find many of our long standing clients opt for a buffet plan to feed their guests. We can provide both hot and cold foods, desserts and cheese boards. We put a lot of imagination into the presentation of the food, including the buffet table, to create the maximum impact. We label all of the foods and can provide hand written 'mini menus' for the tables. When the evening arrives we can provide an innovative range of nibbles and finger foods that will truly satisfy the 'midnight munchies' without being deep fried or bound in pastry! For inspiration please refer to our sample 'Finger & Fork Buffet' menus.



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